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The Minot Military & Family Readiness Center is the US Air Force’s key to personal readiness. Whether preparing to deploy, sustaining you and your family during deployment, or facilitating a smooth reunion and reintegration after deployment, the Minot Military & Family Readiness Center is the place to get the help you need. We invite you to explore this website for the many programs and resources offered by your Minot Military & Family Readiness Center. Serving DoD military and civilian personnel and families, including Guard and Reserve, uniformed members of other branches, military retirees, eligible family members and annuitants.

Click here to read the 12 July 2022 memorandum: “Name change from Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) to Military & Family Readiness Center (M&FRC)


The MAFB Military & Family Readiness Center helps in the following key areas

To learn more, click on each program below or contact the M&FRC by calling 701-723-3950 or email

Air Force Aid Society

The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) is the official charity of the U.S. Air Force. The philosophy of AFAS assistance is to meet the needs in emergency situations as a step towards lasting solutions to a problem. The AFAS may help with assistance in the form of an interest-free loan, a grant, or a combination of both for such things as basic maintenance, emergency leave, dependent funeral, essential car repair, fire or other disasters and medical/dental problems not covered by Tricare. To learn more, visit their website at

If you are interested in applying for Air Force Aid assistance, you must submit an application at: All requests for financial assistance will be made and completed via the AFAS Portal. The MAFB M&FRC can assist members through the application process during normal business hours, call 701-723-3950 for an appointment.  Members will be required to have an active Zelle account to received funds.  All Emergency Travel requests will be made through the Red Cross at 1-877-272-7337 24 hours, 7 days a week. Funds are no longer distributed by M&FRC.


An interest-free loan of $1,500 or less that can be used for emergency needs such as basic living expenses (phone, rent, utilities, food, and gas), vehicle-related expenses (payments, repairs, insurance), emergency travel, and medical/dental bills. Application can be submitted directly to AFAS through their application portal:

Did you know that AFAS provides $100 for the purchase of baby essentials to all new parents who complete this class through the Military & Family Readiness Center?  This popular class teaches new parents basic parenting skills and essential financial skills to help them budget for their new baby, from birth to college. It is also a great opportunity to connect with other expectant parents on base, make friends, and exchange information.  Please see our monthly calendar or call the M&FRC for more information.

This program is designed to provide relief for parents who are experiencing parenthood stress in their lives. This program allows the parent to receive four hours of free childcare once a month at the Child Development Center or Youth Center. A referral certificate is required for participation in the program. Agencies who can refer families to the GPAB program include the Squadron Commander or First Sergeant, doctor or other medical professionals, Family Advocacy personnel, a chaplain, Military & Family readiness Center Staff, or the Child Development Center or Youth Center Director. Please contact the M&FRC for more information and upcoming dates.

This program is intended to help families who are in the process of a PCS move. All ranks may be eligible for 20 hours of free childcare, per child, at both the base you are departing and the base where you are arriving for up to 60 days. Call the M&FRC for an appointment to obtain your certificate.

Casualty Assistance
Provide compassionate assistance in applying for benefits in times of injury, illness or death of active duty members and their families. Provide assistance with the Emergency Family Member Travel program to ensure family members can be at the bedside of an active duty member who is seriously ill or injured. Provide assistance with all SGLI programs.

Casualty Assistance/SGLI
Office: 701-723-1444 • Cell: 701-721-7211

Discovery Resource Center
The Discovery Resource Center is the heart of the Military & Family Readiness Center, providing valuable resources that include FREE internet (Wi-Fi & PCs), fax, copier, scanning and printing. The DRC is also an Information & Referral resource, with a variety of brochures, maps and resources available for free.
Emergency Family Assistance Center

The Military and Family Readiness Center also serves as the EFAC before, during and after times of local or national disaster/emergencies.  The EFAC has a primary mission to integrate services that will address the practical and emotional needs of families through the provision of disaster relief, contingency information, and services.

To reach the EFAC when activated, please call 701-723-4500.

**This number will not be answered unless the EFAC is currently activated. ** To reach M&FRC please call 701-723-3950

Employment Assistance Program

One-on-one career coaching, job search, résumé writing, job application assistance, and interview skills appointments are available. The Discovery Resource Center has free internet service to assist with online job searches, résumé writing software, and a wide array of other library resources. Check out our Eyes on Jobs Facebook page at to see what positions are currently available!

These workshops provide the tools necessary to write an effective federal Résumé and to interview successfully for any job. Call (701) 723-3950 for dates of next workshop dates and to sign up.

Provides a basic understanding and explanation of how to write a federal résumé, as well as the process for enrolling in the Spouse Preference program.

My Career Advancement (My CAA) is for eligible spouses of AD members who are interested in obtaining education toward a portable career. Up to $4,000 may be available to spouses for training or associate degrees. For more information go to to apply for My CAA.



Udemy Learning Platform and FlexJob Subscriptions are now available for military spouses. Spouses can access these resources by connecting with a career coach on the MySECO Website or telephone line.



Do you own a Home-Based Business?  The M&FRC can assist you with the contract process that will allow you to sell your merchandise/services on base! 

This program provides reimbursement up to $1,000 for state re-licensing and re-certification costs due to PCS/PCA. The reimbursement is issued through Finance. Please contact us if you want more information.

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Family Support
Families with a special-needs family member can benefit from the Exceptional Family Member Program-Family Support services offered by the Military & Family Readiness Center. We can assist with on- and off-base information and referral on needs including parent training programs, support groups, relocation assistance, financial management, and school information. Check out for more information or visit our EFMP Facebook Page at
Financial Skills Development

Certified Financial Counselors are here to help in a variety of different ways, focusing mainly on education. They will never tell you what to do with your finances but will instead make sure that you are informed to make a sound decision. We provide this information through one-on-one appointments, in classes, or upon request.

Financial Touchpoint training may be completed via MyVector. For those who would prefer in-person; the training is also provided by M&FRC.

Learn how to build, maintain, and/or restore good credit, one-on-one consultations and classes are available.

One-on-one consultations and semi-annual workshops offer information about the Thrift Savings Plan, including types of investments available, rates of return, or limitations.

One-on-one consultations to help military members and their families with the various financial issues affecting their lives. Using a variety of tools, the object of these sessions is to help you evaluate where your money goes and help you develop a plan to maximize your financial potential.

These classroom sessions are for single, first-term Airmen to assess their ability to afford to live off-base. Income, debt, and expenses are assessed, and a copy of the completed budget is provided to the member. The workshop is offered twice per month and members must bring a copy of their End of Month LES. To register, call or visit the M&FRC.

This seminar focuses on financial planning, shopping for a real estate agent, property evaluation checklist, preparing to complete a mortgage application, the various loan options, and other pertinent topics. 

This seminar focuses on the primary financial preparation for purchasing a vehicle.  Including: financial planning, shopping for a vehicle, evaluating price levels, negotiation during purchase, interest rates, and other pertinent topics.

Commander’s Key Support Program
The Commander’s Key Support Program enables volunteer spouses from each squadron to learn all facets of support services available to assist families in their squadrons.

Military Family Life Counselor
MFLCs are here to listen and are available to help address deployment/integration, relationship, communication, stress anxiety, and daily life issues, etc. Consultations and training are free and anonymous. No records are kept.

Adult MFLC: 701-500-4826 and 701-425-7905
Child & Youth Behavioral MFLC: 571-320-7162 and 571-376-0703
School MFLC (on base schools only during school year): 701-934-1263

Personal Work/Life

Self-development topics for Airmen and their family members include: Communication, Stress Management, Time Management, Anger Management, and Goal Setting. HeartLink Spouse Orientation is offered quarterly. 4-Lenses Temperament Assessment, Ikigai, and 5 Dysfunctions of a Team classes are available to units and groups upon request


All personnel who will be going TDY or to a Remote Assignment/Deployment for more than 30 days are required to attend a Pre-Deployment Briefing, held weekly via zoom by the M&FRC. Upon return to Minot, attendance is required at a Reintegration Briefing, held twice weekly, prior to R&R. Spouses are welcome and encouraged to attend these briefings. Please contact your UDM to schedule/attend the pre-deployment and reintegration briefings.

Relocation Assistance
Minot AFB | MilitaryInstallations (
This is the official DOD website for base information to assist you in your upcoming move. The site can be accessed from any computer. Click on Military Installations and type in the base you are looking for. From there you will find base information. A listing of the major units and contact phone numbers. Contacts, which is a mini phone book of the base services with phone numbers, websites and hours of operation. The site also contains photos of the base and surrounding areas.

Personnel with inbound assignment to Minot will be notified to attend a pre-arrival zoom meeting called “Minot AFB Myth Busters” – A virtual platform to touch base and ask questions with M&FRC staff and base leadership.  Questions range from what is the weather like, to do I need snow tires, what activities are there, and more. No question is too small, so ask away!  If you didn’t receive a notification and would like to attend, please contact the Minot AFB M&FRC at 701-723-3950. Families are also encouraged to attend.

Minot AFB | MilitaryInstallations ( This service will give you 30, 60 and 90-day checklist and other useful tools. You can print calendars to track appointments. Proper planning is the key to every successful move. Get a jump start with Moving 101 that is available in the Plan My Move area or under the Troops and Family tab. You can check your entitlements and calculations to assist in the planning.

Plan Your Move • PCS Checklist • Military OneSource
Are you ready to PCS? Training is mandatory for all members PCSing from Minot. Simply go to AF Portal: Bases orgs>My Base. Remember, at the end of the training it will ask you to send a
confirmation email to the M&FRC. This is what we will use to clear VMPF. This training will familiarize you with Military Installations and other useful links.

AUTOMATED HOUSING REFERRAL NETWORK is sponsored by the Department of Defense and is designed to improve the process of securing available housing for relocating military members and their families. A trusted source for finding housing fast!

Right Start
The unit Commander Support Staff will register you upon arrival on station. This Intro Program is designed to inform newly assigned personnel of services and resources available on base and in the surrounding area. Newly assigned military/civilian personnel are required to attend. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend.
Sponsorship Training Sponsors provide assistance to service members and their families who are changing duty stations. Training for effective sponsorship is available online via the eSponsorship Application & Training Course, which is located at the website above.

Additional resources for sponsors, including dates/times for in-person supplemental sponsor training,  can be found on the M&FRC sharepoint site in the Sponsorship tab at:

Spouses Welcome on the Road
Spouses Welcome on the Road is an awesome opportunity for new Minot AFB spouses to learn more about the base, check out available opportunities, and get a driving tour! Check out our Spouses Welcome on the Road page below for even more resources!

Spouses Welcome On the Road

Survivor Benefit Plan Consultation
Provide a one-on-one briefing to all retiring members and their spouses ensuring they understand the Survivor Benefit Plan and the benefits that it can provide in estate planning. Ensures completion of proper documentation for establishing retirement pay and deductions, designation of beneficiaries for unpaid retired pay, and Survivor Benefit Plan elections. For additional information, please contact the Casualty Office at 723-1444.
Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

In accordance with Public Law, the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) will begin as soon as possible during the 18-24 month period preceding an anticipated separation/retirement date but NLT 365 days before separation/retirement. Members who plan on re-enlisting must begin the process and continue until a new date of separation is attained.

The components of the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) are as follows:

Initial Counseling enlightens members on TAP requirements and gives an opportunity to make informed decisions for their future. This is required NLT 365 days prior to separation/retirement and must be conducted face to face with an M&FRC counselor.

Preseparation Counseling provides counseling on various benefits, programs, services, tools and other important resource entitlements members may be authorized. This is required NLT 365 days prior to separation/retirement.

Three Day TAP Workshop – The goal of the TAP Workshop is to prepare service members with the tools necessary to pursue their post-transition career goals. The week consists of Department of Defense (DoD) –Training Day, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) –Benefits and Services, and Department of Labor (DOL) Employment. This should be completed within 6-9 months prior to separation.

Two Day Track should be completed within 3-6 months prior to separation.

    • Employment -Service members wishing to enter the workforce post-transition will learn various job search techniques, labor market information, resume and interview skills, and much more.
    • Vocational – Service members pursuing further technical training will receive guidance and help in selecting schools and technical fields.
    • Entrepreneurship – Service members pursuing self-employment in the private sector will learn about the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, the benefits and realities of entrepreneurship, and the steps toward business ownership.
    • Education – Service members pursuing college education will receive guidance to prepare for the college application process, identifies educational goals, education funding, and researching and comparing institutions.

Capstone Review is the culminating activity to verify whether Service members have/have not met their required CRS. This should occur NLT 90 days prior to separation/retirement from active duty.

Members who are within the 18-24 month period prior to their date of separation (DOS) must begin the TAP process.  For members that are planning on extending/re-enlisting they must go through the process until a new DOS is attained.

In person and virtual appointments with a VA representative are available.  For local assistance M-F, 0730-1630 call 701-723-4728 or 701-723-3950.  VA distance support is provided M-F from 0730-1630 by calling 1-571-344-1309.  Additional information can be found at
Volunteer Resources
Volunteer on- or off-base to gain job experience and help the community. If you are looking for volunteers for your event, please send an email to  Each Wednesday, the M&FRC sends out a consolidated volunteer request email to base leadership.  Note:  the M&FRC does not coordinate the volunteers, they advertise the opportunities and volunteers are directed to the appropriate POC for additional details and scheduling.


Looking for employment opportunities? The M&FRC can help find available jobs and get your resume ready to go!

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