Atomic Spark

UNLEASHING THE INNOVATIVE CAPACITY OF OUR AIRMEN! An effort to improve capability through innovation, while connecting the end-user direct to industry.

Atomic Spark is an Innovation Space on Minot AFB intended to provide a creative space that encourages psychological safety and diversity of thought. Atomic Spark is also an agency that accelerates grassroots innovations within Minot  that provides both a voice and conduit to turn powerful ideas into operational capability. Additionally, displaying the installations priority of empowerment, innovation and change culture. Highlighting “Only the Best Come North.”

Submit Your Ideas

“As an Incubator and accelerator, Atomic Spark is here to help any and all “A”irmen(Total Force)take an idea and help them bring it to fruition. Whether it needs funding, networking, or engineering.  Helping reduce the opinionated objections and beaurcracy that may prevent them from bringing their ideas forward. THINK BIG, start small, Scale Fast”

Ideas can be submitted to the Atomic Spark Org box.

Design Something Awesome!

3D Printing

3D Printers can be utilized for a wide array of creations! You can create your own models, or print from already existing files with our awesome machines! Whether you’re getting miniatures ready for your next DND session or designing a new tool, we can help make your project a reality!

Creation Station

Our PC stations provide the perfect location for working on bringing your project to life! Kick back and allow yourself to be inspired by our state-of-the-art space!

Laser Engraving

Get creative with our Glowforge laser engraver! With the ability to cut through a wide variety of materials, you can make your next gift, art project, or work creation a CUT above the rest!

Virtual Reality

Check out the awesome VR systems we have connected to our computers! Utilize it for work or creation, we can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned!

Connect With Us!

Hours of Operation

By appointment only


202 Peacekeeper Pl • Minot AFB, ND

No Federal Endorsement of Advertisers Intended.

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