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In August 2016, Air Force Chief of Staff (CSAF) General David Goldfein, released his letter to Airmen titled, “The Beating Heart of the Air Force…Squadrons!” In turn, AFSVA was asked to establish an activity rich program that would equip empowered Squadron/Unit commanders with options to facilitate unit cohesion.


Unite Events must be inclusive to all Airmen in a Squadron.  This includes Active Duty, Reserves, as well as APF and NAF civilians. Events cannot be divided based on rank, pay, grade, age, race, gender, religion.  Family members and Contractors are welcome to participate, but extra Unite funds will not be provided for these participants. A Unite event cannot be held for dependents only.

NOTE: APF dollars are intended to fund the actual team-building event (only).

Hosting an Event is Easy!

Step 1:

Submit an Event Proposal and the Cost Breakdown Spreadsheet 21+ days out by emailing minot.unite.1@us.af.mil

Please note you must have a signed appointment letter from your squadron commander to utilize these funds. Email our Unite Coordinator to find out how to become your squadron or groups Unite POC today!

Step 2:

If your event requires supplies or groceries, schedule a time to shop with your C3. Your C3 will make payments on your behalf. 

Step 3:

Host your event and have fun!

Step 4:

Submit an After-Action Report and 5 photos of your event within 7 days to the C3

UNITE Planning

Not sure what you’d like to do for your event? 
Email or call our Unite Coordinator for a
one-on-one brief about Unite and a list of
ideas on and off base tailored to your group!

Types of Events

Ready to Execute

RTE programs are pre-approved and easy to implement. They keep funds on the installation and should be considered first.

Bowling at Rough Rider Lanes, Equipment Rentals or Laser Tag at ODR, Golfing, Archery Simulator, Fling Golf, Video Game Tournament or Theater Room Rental at ESC, and more!

Unit Driven

You have the freedom to design an event unique to your squadron on or off of the installation. Unit driven events require your Commander’s signature and approval from the AF Services Activity which may take up to 30 days.

Cooking Class, Escape Room, Horseback Riding, Trampoline Park, or Curling just to name a few!

Volunteer & Free

Free & volunteer events are automatically approved. There is no limit to how many volunteer events a unit can host.

All approved activities must have a physical activity involved. Entertainment such as movies and sporting events are no longer acceptable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items are not approved for purchase?

Events Funds cannot be used to purchase equipment parking fees, gas, alcohol, or tobacco products. Food Funds cannot be used when the program or event has no recreational aspect. Therefore, all Unite Programs must have a recreational aspect, but it does not necessarily have to have a cost. This would include events like a basketball game, sports day, corn-hole tournament, scavenger hunt, or simple game (board or otherwise).

Can I pay for just the breakfast, lunch, or dinner for my Airmen?

Yes, as long as the meal is paired with a team-building/recreational/resiliency event. No, if it is just the meal with nothing else incorporated into the plans.

What are the funds based on?

Manning numbers pulled at the beginning of each calendar year.

How long do we have to spend this money?

Funds are allocated on a calendar year.

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