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Check out the archive of our 5 FSS Podcast: Dragon Tales! The following episodes aired between October 2021 and August 2022. The episodes cover everything from Minot AFB history to ICE Comments. To download any of the episodes and listen on the go, just click the three vertical dots to the right of the audio symbol.

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Dragon Tales s1e5: Base Storm Stories
Dragon Tales s1e4: Winter Survival Tips
Dragon Tales s1e3: Bistro Bathrooms ICE Comments
Dragon Tales s1e2: Ghost Stories
Dragon Tales s1e1: Satanism in Minot

Answering Your ICE Comments:

Episode 1: Non-Slip Tape and the Outdoor Pool

Lt. Col. Weeks is here to answer your ICE Comments! In this episode, we’re look at our Outdoor Pool seasonal closure. What does nonslip tape have to do with keeping the pool open? Find out in this video!

Episode 2: Unexpected Facility Closure

Sometimes our facilities have an unexpected closure. In this episode, Lt. Col. Weeks lets you know some details on why and where you can find the most up to date information!

“Why can’t we have food trucks on base?” Lt. Col. Weeks discusses Food Trucks and clears up misconceptions!

Episode 4: Family Zumba

Lt. Col. Weeks answers an ICE Comment regarding family-friendly fitness classes! ICE Comments can help us see programming that we’re missing in our community!

Episode 5: Saunas and Locker Room Climate Control

It’s frustrating when things break! But why does it take so long for it to get fixed? 5 FSS Commander, Lt. Col. Weeks, answers a few questions regarding the Fitness Center!

Episode 6: Bistro Food & Brew Names

In this ICE Comment episode, Lt. Col. Weeks looks into implementing a change suggested by one of our customers!

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