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How to Navigate the Subsidy Website and Submit Timesheets

How to Navigate KidKare

VLS Modules – Competency Reflections and Assessments

  • Module 4, Module 5, Module 6, Module 7, Module 8, Module 9, Module 10, Module 11, Module 12

How Parents Select You on MCC Training

MCC Screenshots – How to Enroll a Child with You

How to Submit PCS Care

Subsidy Specifics and Vacation Time Information

Subsidy Documents:

ECC Forms Per Care Option and Registration Checklist:


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2023 Inspection Criteria

Public Health Inspection

Fire Inspection

Safety Inspection

Program Inspection

Monthly Home Inspection

NAFCC Home Inspection Tool


Fire Drill Log

Section J Fire Monthly Inspection

/Out Form

Visitor Log

Sunscreen/Bug Spray Permission Form

Child Observation Form

Parent C

Playground Safety Request

Toxic Plant List

Allergy Special Needs Log

Allergy Special Needs Action Form


Emergency Contact Log

Physical Form

Pet Assessment Form

Incident Report Form

Monthly Checklist

FCC Daily Screening

Health and Cleaning Checklist

Colonel Jerry Ottinger II– MSG Commander – Signed Licenses

Colonel Michael Maginness – MSG Commander – Signed Licenses

MSgt James Tisdale III– POC Gears 6.0

Colonel Daniel Hoadley – 5BW Commander

Mrs. Joyce Hoadley – Delivered Speech of Appreciation to Providers!

Ms. Kim Caldwell – FCC Chairwoman – Signed Licenses and FCC Panel Lead

Major Joseph Andersen – 5FSS Commander

Mrs. Lindsay Andersen – Child Passenger Safety/Car seat guidance for Providers!

Mr. Matt Balas – Deputy Director – Signed Licenses and FCC Panel Member

Ms. Jacquanna Whitfield – CYP Flight Chief

Ms. Racquel Labadie – PAB President – Donuts for Provider Appreciation!

Ms. Maria Kilgore – USDA Coordinator

Ms. Mariana Soto – Liability and Auto Insurance Legal Review

Mr. David Richard – Fire Safety Training and Inspector

Ms. Julie Reiten – Library Services Training

Ms. Suong Wilson – Local CPO Oversight

Mr. Derick McCollum – CPO Lead Security Assistant – Minot Reviews

Mr. Rolan Montgomery – CPO Background Checks & FP Lead

Ms. Tasha Smith – CPO Background Checks & Fingerprints

SrA Mariana Corio – Food Handlers Trainer and Public Health Lead Inspector

Ms. Hannah Snellings –  Marketing Director

Mr. John Young – FCC Marketing and POM Features

Ms. Kristen Entendencia – Pet Assessments at Base Vet

Ms. Suzanne Larson – Right Start Information Table POC

Mr. Eric Alvarez – PCS Processing & Bundles Briefings POC

Ms. Alyssa Poth – OB Orientation Briefings POC

TSgt Tony Green – 5 SFS New Comers Briefing POC

Ms. Shelly Carbo – FAO Quarterly Trainings

Ms. Beverly – USDA Financing

Ms. Lori Nolt – FCC Financing

Mr. Kevin McDonald – IT Lead

Mr. Robert Myers – IT Support

Mr. Michael Ford – IT Support

A special thank you to all the behind-the-scenes integral Minot AFB agencies:

MedGroup – Provider Physicals & Immunization Records & Medical Immunization Requests

Chaplain – Religious Immunization Exemption Requests

Balfour Beatty Housing Office

Safety Office

Thank you to anyone not included here who has helped our program!

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