Family Child Care

Family Child Care provides valuable in-home child care services to support the families of Minot AFB. The FCC program offers quality care for children ranging from birth to 12 years of age by licensed, professional child care providers. Along with full-time, part-time, weekly, and hourly child care, FCC Providers offer care for weekends, evenings, shift work, newborn infants, TDY, PCS, special needs, and before and after school. There are several free expanded child care programs available to families (Extended Duty Care, Missile Care, Returning Home Care, and Supplemental Child Care Program).

Family Child Care is the perfect choice for parents who want quality child care in a small group, home-like setting. The goal of the FCC program is to meet the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of children while providing a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment for children.

Employment Opportunity: Become a Family Child Care Professional!  Operate your own home-based business, set your own hours, be with your children and care for other children in your home.  YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

To operate an FCC home, applicants must meet numerous requirements.  In addition to thorough background screenings performed by Security Police, OSI, and Family Advocacy, applicants are required to obtain liability insurance and must pass home inspections which include Health, Fire, and Safety components.  Applicants must also complete an orientation training, part of which includes instruction of AF guidelines and certification in First Aid and CPR.  This is the beginning of an on-going training program which FCC providers are required to participate in.  The training includes a 15 module program that covers the following early childhood functional areas: safety, health, learning environment, physical, cognitive communication, creativity, self, social, guidance, families, program management, and professionalism.

The FCC Panel, which includes the Deputy Mission Support Group Commander, 5th Force Support Commander, and Airman and Family Services Flight Chief, reviews all application packets.  Those applicants who have successfully completed all requirements are recommended for licensing and are then forwarded on for final approval by the Mission Support Group Commander.

To ensure that high standards and quality are maintained in the FCC homes, each home undergoes unannounced observations by the FCC Coordinators and the providers conduct self-assessments that are verified by the Coordinators during their observations.

The FCC program also offers a Resource Center to all licensed Providers.  This center provides a variety of equipment, supplies, materials, indoor/outdoor toys, and games for use in FCC homes. This center benefits both the provider and the children in their care by providing access to items that may not otherwise be affordable.

Licensed FCC Providers are welcome to participate in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food program which reimburses them for serving nutritious meals.

For more information about the USDA Food Program, call 723-2604.

The FCC Program publishes and continuously updates an FCC Provider List for those parents seeking child care in an FCC home. The FCC program accepts children, employment of staff, and approval of providers with chronic health problems.  This list can be obtained at several locations throughout the base, to include Housing, Airmen and Family Readiness Center, CPO, HRO, Lodging, CDC, and FCC. For more information about the FCC Program,  licensing for FCC Providers, or to obtain an FCC Provider List, please call 723-6662 or stop by our office inside Bomber Bistro at 202 Peacekeeper Place.