Stuffed Animal Sleepover

Stuffed animals are invited to spend the night at the Library on Tuesday, July 19th! It all starts at 6PM when you bring your stuffed animal, action figure, or doll to the library. Then, you’ll create a name tag for your stuffed animal, listen to a couple of stories all together. Finally, it’ll be time to say good night and leave the toys in the care of our Library staff (don’t worry, they’ll keep a close eye on them).

Find out what mischief your toy got up to when you pick them up at 10AM on Wednesday! Stick around for Story Time at 10:30AM.

Pictures of all stuffed animals will be uploaded to the Library’s Facebook page, @minotairforcebaselibrary. Each stuffed animal’s owner will receive a keepsake 5.5”x8.5” color picture of their time at the sleepover.

To learn more about this year’s Summer Reading Program, call the library at 723-3344 or visit our website at

Date and Time

July 19, 2022 at 06:00 PM

No Federal Endorsement of Advertisers Intended.

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