Frossen Krig (Strongman Event)

Put your strength to the test in our Frossen Krig Strongman Event on Saturday, 10 December in our McAdoo Fitness Center! Sign-in and warmups begin at 8AM and the competition will begin at 9AM. Events will include a Log Press, Axle Bar Deadlift, Carrying Medley, Grip Strength, Sled Pull/Push, and a Surprise Event. Male weight classes are 219lbs and under or 220lbs and over. Female weight classes are 144lbs and under or 145lbs and over.

Fun fact: “Frossen Krig” is Norwegian for “Frozen War”

Thank you to our sponsors Total Nutrition and ASK Fitness! No Federal endorsement of sponsors intended.

For details, call the McAdoo Fitness Center at 723-2145

Date and Time

December 10, 2022 at 08:00 AM

No Federal Endorsement of Advertisers Intended.

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