Outdoor Recreation

Located at 146 Missile Ave., Outdoor Recreation has many items to offer for all four seasons.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Pools
  • Sumo Suit Rentals
  • Equipment rentals
  • Ice Skate Rentals
  • RV storage lots
  • Vehicle sale lot
  • Garden plots
  • Indoor and outdoor archery ranges
  • Paintball field with air and paintball sales
  • FamCamp-6 slots
  • Bud Ebert Park
  • Three Playgrounds
  • Loan Closet
  • Customer travel guides and brochures
  • Squadron equipment rentals
  • Free table and chair rental for Club Members, weekends only (Limit 3 Tables, 18 Chairs)

Outdoor Recreation also offers the Loan Closet. This service, provided for Airmen who PCS in and out of Minot, gives Airmen the option to get loaner household items to get them by until their items arrive or while it is being packed up.

Rental equipment is mostly summer oriented with campers and boats, but there are also many items available for the winter months to satisfy those with a taste for “cooler” activities.

Outdoor Recreation is a year-round operation, allowing you to enjoy all four seasons in North Dakota!