Minot Air Force Base Morale, Welfare, and Recreation

Military Personnel

Initial Assignment Brief Slots

The Career Development, Outbound Assignments team is thrilled to announce that we are opening up a limited amount of in-person Initial Assignment brief slots. We are aiming for Airmen who are PCSing for the first time or those who are going overseas for the first time. Each briefing is limited to only 10 individuals, it is not mandatory, and will not take place of your initial assignment briefing done on vMPF.

We understand that PCSing for the first time can be quite stressful and we would like to welcome Airmen back to the MPF to go over your assignment RIP, specific timelines, the general PCS process, and any personal questions you may have.

Career Development

The Career Development office is responsible for all out-processing actions for the installation dealing with assignments, separations, and retirements. We process all notifications and ensure all personnel system updates are completed. We work closely with AFPC to ensure everything involved with a member’s transition to a new base or to civilian life is completed. Additionally, we serve as the focal point for all reenlistments and extensions; along with all officer and enlisted promotion actions.

Outbound Assignments

723-2788 OR 723-3723

Officer Promotions

Enlisted Promotions

723-1340 OR 723-4566

Minot Welcome Center / Customer Support

The Minot Welcome Center/Customer Support office ensures all inbound personnel are assigned a sponsor prior to arriving to Minot AFB. Upon arrival, the member should report to their CSS to be scheduled for in processing with the Welcome Center which will be on the third floor of the Pride Building #475 in Room 305, Monday-Friday at that time they will be scheduled for their Finance brief as well as MEO, Right Start, and FTAC scheduling (if applicable). In addition, we validate leave requests for members in Leave Web. Finally, we track all active Line of Duty (LOD) determinations.




Installation Personnel Readiness
723-4355 OR 723-1396


Customer Service

Customer Service serves as the customer focal point for all Active duty members and their dependents, Guard/Reserve, Retired, Civilian, NAF, and Contractors. This section is the DEERS/RAPIDS issuing facility, performing DEERS updates as well as CAC/ID issuance, and is responsible for passports, awards & decorations, SGLI, FSGLI, dress & appearance, ARMS, and naturalization and citizenship updates.

Installation Personnel Reliability Program

The Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) is a program designed to ensure the highest possible standards of individual reliability in personnel performing duties associated with nuclear weapons systems and critical components. It is intended to prevent the unauthorized launch of a missile or aircraft armed with a nuclear weapon, or the unauthorized detonation of a nuclear weapon. Personnel in the PRP must be certified.

Force Management

The Force Management office has many functions in the Military Personnel Section (MPS). We update personnel actions along with duty information/status, evaluations (EPR/OPR/LOE), and update/manage all UIFs. We maintain the Case Management System (CMS). Furthermore, we build and manage 5 BW and 91 MW evaluation slides, TDY information, produce G-Series orders, Airmen disqualification packages (9A’s), and 2096’s (Awarding new duty AFSC’s/SEI).

Classifications/Adverse Actions
723-1333 OR 723-6256

723-7611 OR 723-4346