School Age Programs

The Before and After School program was accredited by the Council on Accreditation in March of 2010. The program offers developmentally appropriate curriculum, high-energy activities, and expanded learning opportunities in a safe and healthy environment. The program welcomes all 5-12 year olds to take on the challenge and join this fast moving program. During school breaks and summers, this program becomes a full day camp. Field trips, swimming, bowling, nature walks, computer challenges, science experiments, and group activities ensure that each full day is fun and exciting for participants.

In addition to daily Power Hour (homework time), the School Age Program offersclubs supporting the 4-H and Boys and Girls Club organizations. Numerous clubs such as cooking, sewing, science, sports, writing, jewelry and collectable’s just to name a few are incorporated in the program. Each room in both facilities features a main activity as well as a wide selection of manipulatives to choose from for independent play. The children may choose what room they want to go in by using our famous safety board. ┬áTo obtain more information and to ask about eligibility, please contact the School Age Program at 723-2838.