Transition Assistance Programs

In August 2011, President Obama signed the Veteran’s Opportunity to Work (VOW) Act and the Veteran’s Employment Initiative (VEI) making them Public Law on 21 Nov 2012. An amendment to the VOW Act of 2011 now mandates:  TAP Pre-Separation Counseling, Department of Labor (DOL) Employment Workshop, Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Benefits Briefings/Sign-Up Session, Military Occupation Codes (MOC) Crosswalk, Financial Planning, and Individual Transition Preparation. All members completing Pre-Separation Counseling must now complete the Capstone requirements to document readiness for transition to a career, higher education, technical training or entrepreneurship.

Mandatory Pre-Separation Counseling Briefing

Pre-separation counseling is a mandatory requirement for all separating or retiring military personnel. The briefing must be accomplished prior to your final 90 days of service. This doesn’t mean that you have to wait until 90 days before your Date of Separation (DOS) to attend. In fact, the sooner you attend the briefing and learn about the benefits you have earned, you can start to develop your Individualized Transition Plan (ITP).  Take advantage of this briefing so you can begin planning early—attend the briefing up to 2 years prior to your retirement, or one year prior to your final DOS.  The briefing is scheduled by appointment only. Pre-separation counseling briefings are held on Tuesdays at Airman and Family Readiness from 0830-1130 hrs.

Mandatory 5-Day TAP Workshop

This mandatory five-day comprehensive workshop is offered monthly; it provides service members and their spouses with many transition tools. Presenting agencies include Minot AFB A&FRC,  Department of Labor, and Veterans Administration personnel.  Attendees will receive training to help them complete a financial plan, crosswalk military skills to civilian skills and complete their ITP to determine if they are employment ready, college bound, entrepreneurship ready or need vocational-technical training.  Retiring members with 20+ years may opt-out for the 5-Day Workshop, but are still required to attend the VA Benefits Briefing portion. You can attend the workshop up to 2 years prior to your retirement, or one year prior to your separation! Pre-registration is required, call the Airman & Family Readiness Center, 723-3950 to register.


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