Bistro & Rockers Combine Temporarily

Effective Tuesday, 11 July 2023: Bomber Bistro has moved to Rockers Bar & Grill until further notice. You’ll be able to order from either menu in the same order. However, you won’t be able to substitute from the opposite restaurant. For example: a Bistro Wrap Meal comes with a side of chips; these cannot be substituted for an order of Rockers fries. That being said, you can order a Bistro Wrap Meal (chips included) AND order a side of Fries from Rockers.

Rockers Bar & Grill will be open Monday through Friday from 10:30AM – 2PM with their Current Menu (Click Here).

Bomber Bistro will be open (in Rockers) Monday through Friday from 10:30AM – 2PM AND 4PM – 8PM with a Limited Menu (Click Here). The Rockers menu will not be available during the 4PM-8PM window.

The B-Fifty Brew will not be moving and will continue with their usual hours: Monday-Friday from 6AM – 1PM. Lil’ Riders will be open to families while B-Fifty Brew is open.

Date and Time

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