2026 Winter Olympics WCAP Application Period Ends

The Air Force World Class Athlete Program, known as WCAP is designed to allow elite athletes the opportunity to train and compete in national events to make the Olympics. The window to apply for the 2026 Winter Olympics WCAP cycle will be open from 26 September – 7 November. Interested athletes can apply through https://myairforcelife.com/sports-world-class-athletes.


1. Fil out the WCAP application entirely

2. Endorsement letter from National Governing Body (NGB) to the AFSVC/CC recommending the athlete

3. Memorandum from Career Field Manager releasing member from the career field

4. Endorsement memorandum from the member’s commander and senior rater

5. If selected, athlete will incur a 3 year Active Duty Service Commitment (ADSC)

Please review the package carefully so a complete package is submitted. 

For details, please view the Entry Standards and Application at https://5thforcesupport.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/WCAP-Standards-Application-a-o-1-Sept-22.pdf

Date and Time

November 7, 2022

No Federal Endorsement of Advertisers Intended.

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