Minot Air Force Base Morale, Welfare, and Recreation

Unite Program

The Unite Program is intended for units to get out of their work environments and engage in cohesion-building activities. This new program that began in 2018 and is one component of CSAF Focus Area #1, “Revitalizing Squadrons.” Unit commanders are in the best position to execute resources that benefit Airmen under their authority. This initiative provides commanders with the funding to initiate programs that benefit their units. Unfortunately, the program is not a food and beverage program solely, therefore all requests/events planned must have a recreational aspect. Programs that are not recreational and team-building focused, such as Commander’s Calls, training, or simply providing a meal without a resiliency piece will not be approved for coverage from the Unite Funds.

Strength in Unity – Propellat aerem vi mortiferum vitali

Events Ideas

  • Summer fun day with inflatables and activities
  • Trampoline park (admission with pizza)
  • Polaroid/photo/social media scavenger hunt followed by bowling, ice skating, painting/cooking class, ect
  • Escape room (mobile or on-site)
  • Go-carts
  • Gaming tournament (rentals only)
  • Mobile laser tag
  • Corn-hole tournament and BBQ
  • State Park Picnic with boating and water sports
  • Outdoor Recreation team-building kits with lunch, paint-ball, post-it note wars, ax throwing competitions, ect

All approved activities must have a physical activity involved. Entertainment such as movies and sporting events are no longer acceptable.


Q: How do I access the Unite Funds?
A: Begin by clicking here to fill out the Program Event Worksheet and send the request to Minot.Unite.1@us.af.mil. The Community Cohesion Coordinator (C3) will be in contact.

Q: What can the Unite Funds be used on?
A: There are two different types of funding. 1) Events Funds are meant to pay for rentals, entertainment, and non-edible items. 2) Food Funds are for catering and edible item purchases.

Q: What items are not approved for purchase?
A: Events Funds cannot be used to purchase equipment parking fees, gas, alcohol, or tobacco products. Food Funds cannot be used when the program or event has no recreational aspect. Therefore, all Unite Programs must have a recreational aspect, but it does not necessarily have to have a cost. This would include events like a basketball game, sports day, corn-hold tournament, scavenger hunt, or simple game (board or otherwise).

Q: Can I pay for just the breakfast, lunch, or dinner for my Airmen?
A: Yes, as long as the meal is paired with a team-building/recreational/resiliency event. No, if it is just the meal with nothing else incorporated into the plans.

Q: What are the funds based on?
A: Manning numbers have been pulled via the Minot DoD ID listing as of January 2021. The Events Funds are $13.50 per person and Food Funds are based on $5.00 per person. The funding can be used as a “total budget” for an event instead of breaking it down by person.

Additional questions can be answered via the C3, please do not hesitate to ask!