Youth Sports

Our youth sports program offers a fun opportunity for youth of all ages!  The primary purpose is to provide quality leisure time activities that motivate and build self-esteem in all participating youth.  The objectives are to provide a safe playing environment for everyone, and for youth to have fun.

The mission of youth sports is to offer a wide array of organized sports activities for youth to help them develop desirable physical skills and to mature emotionally and socially. We have organized leagues throughout the year, specifically in Basketball, Baseball/T-Ball, Flag Football, Indoor/Outdoor Soccer, and Cheerleading.  When instructors are available we offer a Wee Sports Program for 3 & 4-year-old children.  The goal of this program is to introduce youth to various sports, enabling motor skills development, coordination and social opportunities in a positive and fun environment.

The success of our sports program relies on dedicated volunteer coaches.  All of our coaches are certified by the National Association for Youth Sports, a program that covers coaching responsibilities, appropriate practices, Code of Conduct/Ethics, and sports injury/safety.

Youth Instructionals

Our exciting instructional programs include both recreational and competitive teams in various areas. Instructional classes vary based upon the availability of instructors, but we generally offer dance, martial arts, and tumbling. Programming is available for children as young as 2 years of age. Please contact the Youth Center at 701-723-2838 to request information about cost and current schedules.

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