Teen Activities

Development Strategy

YDS assures that all members have positive experiences that contribute to a positive sense of self-esteem. This is done by developing A Sense of Competence, A Sense of Usefulness, A Sense of Belonging, and A Sense of Influence. When this strategy is fully implemented, the self-esteem of girls and boys is enhanced and an environment is created which helps them achieve their full potential.

A Sense of Competence
A feeling that each youth can do something well and be respected by his or her peers and those they respect. The challenge of applying this part of the YDS is to find ways to assure youth (even the least talented) that they can do something well.

A Sense of Usefulness
A feeling that each youth has something to contribute and the opportunity to do something of value for other people. This can be accomplished by having youth take responsibility for tasks, such as cleaning up, handing out supplies, keeping records, or by having the group do something for someone else, such as sending pictures to people in the hospital.

A Sense of Belonging
A feeling that the youth fits in and is part of the group.

A Sense of Influence
A feeling that the youth have a chance to be heard, listened to, and can influence decisions. This can be very open-ended for teens. For younger youth, it can mean being given a choice as to what activity the group will do first.


Moving to Minot?

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Membership Information

Membership is renewed each October and is good until 30 September of the following year. Membership is $30 per year. A month constitutes the 1st through the 28th, 29th, 30th, or 31st of each month and not determined by weeks that combine months. Non-members pay $1 per day for a guest pass. Current immunization records are required for members and for recurring guests.

Teen Annual Events


Youth of the Year Applications Due to Teen Coordinator

Keystone Community Service Project

BGCA Fine Arts Exhibit

Teen Lock-in

Monthly Awards Presentation


Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Youth of the Year Local Competition

Sweet Hearts Bash

Teen Lock-in

Monthly Awards Presentation


Money Matters Month

Youth of the Year Applications Due to Air Force

Keystone National Conference

Dr. Seuss Volunteer Week

Kick Butts Anti-Tobacco Campaign

Monthly Awards Presentation


Youth of the Year Competition State Level

Keystone Community Service Project

Open House Spaghetti Dinner

Month of the Military Child

Block Party

Teen Operation Mega Phone Lock-in

Monthly Awards Presentation


America’s Kids Run

End of School Bash

BGCA National Fitness Competition

Monthly Awards Presentation


4-H Summer Adventure Applications Due to 4H Coordinator

Air Force Summer Camps Begin: Aviation/Space/Teen Leadership and more!

Operation Hero

MAFB Teen Summer Outings/Camps- See Summer Calendar for Details

Monthly Awards Presentation


Air Force Summer Camps Continue: Aviation/Space/Teen Leadership and more!

Keystone Community Service Project

MAFB Teen Summer Outings/Camps- See Summer Calendar for Details

Monthly Awards Presentation


End of Summer Bash

MAFB Teen Summer Outings/Camps- See Summer Calendar for Details

Teen Leadership Conference

Monthly Awards Presentation


BGCA Day for Kids

Nickelodeon Worldwide Day of Play

Digital Arts Fest begins

Monthly Awards Presentation


Membership Renewal

Lights on After School

Family Fun Fest

National Fitness Completion

Keystone Community Service Project

Monthly Awards Presentation


Arts Are Alive

Turkey Bingo

National Fine Arts

Monthly Awards Presentation


Masquerade Ball

Monthly Awards Presentation

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