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Individual reservations can be made any time by phone, fax or e-mail.

Group reservations can be made Monday through Friday from 0730 – 1630. Ask to make a group booking and we’ll connect you to someone who can help.

Information Required:

  1. Reason for reservation request: PCS or TDY (Priority 1) or Space Available/Personal Visit (Priority 2).
  2. Personal data: Full name, rank, mailing address, telephone numbers (commercial and DSN), social security number, credit card/exp. date, business address.
  3. Arrival date
  4. Departure date
  5. Number of people in the party/number of children
  6. Special requirements

Space Available Reservations

The Sakakawea Inn follows AF Space-A policy, except during the peak periods listed below (State Fair/HostFest).

Projected Occupancy # Days in Advance
86% or Greater 3 Days
81 - 85% 7 Days
66 – 80% 14 Days
65% or Less 30 Days

AF policy allows Space-A reservations to be made from 3 – 30 days in advance depending on our projected occupancy. Reservations can be made for three days at a time. Extensions may be requested if space is available. Please call us to check availability.

Peak Periods

Peak Period Event
15 May – 15 Sep High PCS season
Late July North Dakota State Fair
Early October Norsk HostFest

Due to circumstances beyond our control, lodging may be difficult to obtain during the below times. During the State Fair and HostFest, the only lodging available may be 100+ miles away. If you are TDY or PCSing to Minot AFB during these times, make reservations early!

PCS Season

When temporary living facilities are not available on base, families should be financially prepared to live downtown until guest quarters on base become available. The desk clerk on duty has complete information on local hotels and restaurants.

Commercial Quarters

In this time of austere travel budgets, please contact the Sakakawea Inn before making reservations downtown. We may have space on base - and we have negotiated favorable rates with all major hotels in our area. Lodging personnel will be happy to assist you in making commercial hotel reservations.

Pet Friendly TLFs

Pets are allowed in pet-friendly TLF quarters. We have five pet-friendly family units available on a first-come/first-served basis. Our pet-friendly units include two large kennels with water and food dishes plus pet waste removal tools. We ask that you provide health records for your pet. Limit 3 pets (must fit in available kennels). Some restrictions apply.

There is a high demand for our pet units, so make reservations early. Contact us for availability. When pet-friendly rooms are fully booked, ask the front desk for information on kennels in the local area.